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German Machine Parts


You are looking for a new supplier for spare parts, individual pieces or serial parts?
You are looking for consultancy and operational support in the fields of supply chain management?
Then we are the right company for you.

GMP has three core competencies:

  • consulting in the field of supply chain management including obsolescence management
  • implemantation of manufacturing projects
  • providing of spare parts, special designed parts and assembly units

Our experienced specialists provide comprehensive and competent consultancy services. After analyzing the initial situation we propose you appropriate measures and support you during the implementation by means of our established methods. You will benefit expecially from our interdisciplinary competencies consisting of eingeering expertise, project management, business management and process management.

By offering manufacutring projects we are able to supply you with products which can be produced at optimal cost and to high value quality. We offer you everything form one single source beginning from the construction to logistics. We consult you in all aspects of your product and support you with the implementation. 

We also provide spare parts, special designed parts and assembly units. These are usually difficult to obtain especially for lower order quantities, for special manufacturing techniques or for assembly units according to your samples and drawing. We can point to numerous references here particularly on wear parts. Precisely when spare parts have been discontinued or are no longer available GMP is able to provide you rapidly with alternative solutions in order to not interrupt operations.

We are known as a reliable partner for our custumers who can provide best solutions as general customer independent from industries.

Your benefits are:

  • one single point of contact
  • everything from one single source
  • high production variety
  • high supply reliability
  • independancy of indivual suppliers and technologies

Try our service and .arrange an free and non-binding appointment.