Manufacturing projects

Product idea and design are defined...but what comes next?
Who produces and delivers the product?

We cover the following areas as a general contractor:

  • conception of the implementation process
  • product development to the production stage with experienced engineers
  • selection of suitable technologies
  • evaluation and assignment of suitable subcontractors
  • purchase of materials
  • project planning and management
  • quality management
  • delivery

What we achieve for you:

  • successful transfer of a product from design or development to (serial) production
  • cost-effective manufacturing and assembly in top quality
  • packaging and delivery according to your specifications
  • you order, we deliver

In practical terms, this means that you get your product from one single source: directly, reliable and in top quality,
independent of production technologies and sub-suppliers.

For every single part of your product, we work together with qualified manufacturers which provide the best overall perfomance (quality, reliability, price). We assume, however, the final assembly as well as the quality management, scheduling and documentation. In this way, we are able to provide you top product quality. In case a part supplier ist cancelled and no longer able to deliver, we immediatly have a substitute supplier at hand - this provides you delivery reliability. We are your single point of contact, certainly also in case of warranty.


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